Badly Drawn Nandito Ako


Hello all. Yes, this is the lovely page where I make lovely drawings related to Nandito Ako. Oh yes.

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Hey guys, sorry I haven’t been here in a while! Unfortunately, I think I’ll be needing to take a break from posting here for a few months (aaaack I still have some requests in the inbox!). :( School started in June and since then I haven’t been able to update this blog.
I don’t know when I’ll be coming back, but the ask box will remain open for more requests. :)

((Thank you, too!! 8D <3 ))

So while y’all are shipping Jolly and Jonya, I’m right here shipping Joshicab.

((Thank you, too!))

Gosh, Josh. Stop killing people with your killer looks.

alexha-wants-another-slice said: You should keep drawing things. They are so funny, thanks for drawing what I requested. YOU ROCK!!

haha thanks!

yeah, i should update this blog more often.

TV5: re-using pictures from old photo shoots since the beginning of time.

sorry i haven’t updated in a while! ms paint wasn’t cooperating with me for the weirdest reasons.

((anyway, i’d like to say that you can request badly drawn drawings that aren’t canon! so basically, you can tell me to to draw holly in heaven or anya in class or josh bothering chit in the hotel room or something HAHA))



FINALLY drew this request! woooo!

am i the only one who misses this show so bradley?

Anonymous said: lol what is that picture of david holding a feather from?? haha.

I don’t even know the story behind the whole feather thing HAHAHA I just came across the picture. But the photo was from his Idol days.

Here’s the full photo:

A day in the life of David James Archuleta (featuring Syesha Mercado).

that is syesha, right?

bakerandpainter said: Hahaha, I love your drawings! They make me laugh! Thank you so much and keep it up! :D

aww, thanks! >:D< i’m glad you like my drawings!

have some archuleta with a featha.

(long-ish post coming ahead. sorry!)

whew! haven’t been here in a while. guess this scene’s pretty popular! thank you all! >:D<

btw, there are two requests for the same scene (requested by anon and gottagetbackthathigh) that are still in my inbox. i don’t exactly remember that scene well, and because the internet connection here (i’m on vacation) can’t handle buffering a full episode, i can’t properly draw the clothes and actions of the characters yet. sorry! but i’ll definitely get back on those after this vacation. :D